Who wins? It’s the size of the fight in the dog

This is a tale of two countries: one country is North Queensland, the other South East Queensland.

Brisbane is the most tunnelled city in the world. Completion of this latest tunnel will give Brisbane 34 kilometres of tunnels. This gives Brisbane with 1.2m population, 34km of tunnel. 

Sydney with a population of 5.5m had only 14km of tunnels when I looked two years ago. 

Brisbane has around 200 overpasses while North Qld has no tunnels and only 11 overpasses.  Brisbane has $5B of pleasure domes along the south bank of the Brisbane River stretching from Lang Park to the Academy of Music. North Qld in the same period got a $250M football stadium. 

The head of the department of environment, when a crocodile was sighted at Bundaberg said we are quite safe – all crocodiles are removed south of Bundy.  Interesting comment as “we” clearly does not include North Qld. 

South Qld people are protected – crocodiles are removed, North Qld crocodiles are protected and people are removed, some of them by the crocodiles.  In fact two deaths in six months means two Queenslanders are being torn to pieces in the most cruel death possible every three months.

Nearly 30 per cent of the water resources of southern Qld are being used for irrigation and industrial development. In North Qld we’ve only been allowed to use 1.3pc.  Mount Isa, in the west of Qld, fares even worse.

Through brutality Robbie Katter has bludgeoned airfares down to $250 to Townsville from $800, 12 months ago.  Concessions worth tens of millions of dollars have been won on one-off battles for copper, fertiliser and zinc in Mount Isa. 

But this is not the bigger picture.  The bigger picture is (to quote deToqueville in his ‘foundations of democracy’) the ‘Tyranny of the Majority’.  

When they nearly abolished Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth’s seats they saw only a small dog in the fight but what the arrogant ALP/LNP can never see is the size of the fight in the dog and that is where they make their big mistake. 

I pray to God we can win five seats in North Qld in the forthcoming election, then they will understand what we’ve been copping for the last 30 years. 

You’ve trained us well, we understand the brutal use of power and we promise you’ll cop it.