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TIMELESS: Mount Isa put on a lovely sunset on Friday. Forecasters are saying there could be a shower or two most days this week. Photo: Derek Barry
TIMELESS: Mount Isa put on a lovely sunset on Friday. Forecasters are saying there could be a shower or two most days this week. Photo: Derek Barry

Time to look past the Katters

For more years than I care to remember the people of Mount Isa have been short changed by the Katter representation in Parliament.         

Father Bob “ the hat” has been a total failure as far as the electorate of Kennedy is concerned and has delivered nothing for the people of Western Queensland or for Mount Isa.     

Now, after another term of bewilderment, Robbie is lining up for another run for the Queensland Parliament.            

No one will argue about Robbie being a better man than his father ever was, but as an MP he is under the direction of his father and the Katter Party, his ability is suspect and he has achieved nothing for the people of the region he is supposed to represent.       

He has followed his father’s raft of stupid policies blindly, every one of them re-runs of failed promises of the past, and it seems to me that he spends too much time serving commercial family interests.

It really is time to cut our losses and replace the Katter influence with a new representative, and having Danielle Slade, the Labor candidate as our new Member could be a good move, after all when Betty Kiernan was our Member she got more done for the region than any other MP ever.

Ron McCullough

Mount Isa

Blustering, bluffing and bloviating

I am not making this up.

Malcolm Turnbull wants to fiddle with OUR constitution, to keep some morons that don't know how to fill in a simple form, in OUR Parliament.

If enough of those morons mucked up their paperwork, this Parliament could be found to be illegal by our High Court.

Turnbull is blustering, bluffing and bloviating. 

He will be gone by Christmas if the LNP could find anyone human to replace him.

George Harley 

 Mount Isa

Remembrance Day

At 11am on November 11, the nation fell silent to honour the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who served in defence of our country.

Almost a century ago, the Armistice with Germany that ended the First World War was signed on this day.

Remembrance Day is the day we remember the service and sacrifice of every Australian — more than 1.5 million of them — who have served in defence of our nation and values. We also reflect on more than 102,000 Australian lives lost in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping.

Dan Tehan

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs

Facebook Feedback

Re the MMG Dugald River opening

Robin Donovan I hope they employ locals first then fly in fly out. On the news they said they are going to employees from Townsville fly in fly out. If so local members need to jump on this straight away to try and stop it.

Ron Bird - LNP for Traeger Must have all working now. Not much for the locals at this stage, wont wait for change.

Gary Osman – good news are they employing all locals using all local contractors. I dont think so?


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