Shooters fire up support for One Nation and Katter party

A shooting lobby group is on the hunt for volunteers to support pro-gun candidates in the upcoming state election by handing out how-to-vote cards.

The Shooters Union Australia plans to take the action as a result of the Palaszczuk Labor government's support of the National Firearms Agreement, which would include reclassifying the lever-action seven-shot Adler shotgun.

In October, Katter's Australian Party attempted to block changes to gun regulations in Parliament, with the support of One Nation MP Steve Dickson and independent Billy Gordon, but the LNP did not back the disallowance motion so the changes went through.

The reclassification brought Queensland into line with a COAG decision in December 2016 to strengthen the NFA.

On day 17 of the campaign, Shooters Union Australia released a list of 68 candidates in its sights to receive support - all from One Nation and Katter's Australian Party, and none from Labor, the LNP or the Greens.

President Graham Park said the union had spoken with Queensland political parties to see which was most committed to "supporting law-abiding firearms owners' rights".

"And we're looking for volunteers and supporters to come along to help ensure firearm owners can make an informed decision at the ballot box," Mr Park said.

"Legitimate firearms owners have had enough and are now looking for candidates, for Queensland Parliament, who are not going to diminish their rights."

The Shooters Union Australia represents 200,000 firearms users across Queensland.

One Nation would review the Weapons Act within the first year if it formed government, reduce waiting periods for purchasing handguns and recognise licensed firearm ownership by law-abiding citizens as a "right in a free society".

Katter's Australian Party wants to reverse changes to the National Firearms Agreement and a real-time licence verification system to replace paper-based permits for category A and B firearms.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party had applied to register with the Electoral Commission of Queensland before the election, but missed the deadline.

Last month, state chairman Clem Wheatley said its members would support the Katter's Australian Party and One Nation in the "fight against the major parties".

There have been reports of people wearing One Nation shirts handing out LNP how to vote cards at a pre-polling station.

LNP leader Tim Nicholls said the incident was "completely unacceptable".

"I've made my position on that abundantly clear - unacceptable and should not be happening and the campaign director is under no misapprehension in relation to that," he said.

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