Queensland election analysis: KAP must now deliver for region

KAP campaigners at Sunset: Steve Borthwick and Stephen Strudwick.
KAP campaigners at Sunset: Steve Borthwick and Stephen Strudwick.

The election result may not yet be known for sure but one thing is for certain – this is a good result for North West Queensland.

As Robbie Katter noted neither major party bothered to send any of its leadership team out to our region during the election.

The cold hard reality of their decision-making was that Traeger was not a battleground seat likely to tip the balance one way or the other.

Electors duly punished both major parties handing Robbie Katter a decisive win.

Ironically now that the election is over, Traeger becomes a very important seat as the likely Labor government will need the support of Robbie Katter or at the very least cannot afford to alienate him.

While One Nation had 13% of the vote for zero or maybe one seat, the KAP have turned their 5% into two or three, a fact that sais something about the quality of candidates both parties attract.

Labor might have a bare bones majority made more slender by the need to nominate a speaker from one of their number and the prospect of dealing with a KAP and independents bloc will concentrate their minds wonderfully.

Mr Katter has talked the talk during the campaign of delivering for north Queensland, now he must walk the walk.

Let’s hope he has the ear of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to make real and lasting gains for our part of the world.