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The Mount Isa RSL Sub Branch has thanked everyone involved in making this year's Remembrance Day a success.
The Mount Isa RSL Sub Branch has thanked everyone involved in making this year's Remembrance Day a success.

Thank you for Remembrance Day

On behalf of the executive and members of the Mount Isa RSL Sub Branch, I would like to publicly thank all those who assisted in making the 10.30am Remembrance Day service successful on November 11.

The Mount Isa City Council must be specically thanked for their continued support on these days of Commemoration.

Thanks go to all of the children from the schools in Mount Isa for attending.

All schools were well represented.

Big thanks to the public for their attendance.

We would also like to thank those that attended the dedication and unveiling of the murals and flagpole at the entrance to the Lawn Cemetery.

The Mount Isa Air Force Cadets were a welcome contribution to the occasion , looking very smart in their uniforms.

This project was made possible by the generous support from Mount Isa Mines, The Mount Isa City Council, Primary welders, Konnect Fasteners, Hilton Training and the small group of volunteers.

Mount Isa, the RSL Sub-Branch thanks you

Stephen Carrington


Mount Isa RSL Sub-Branch Inc.

Big donors to the Katter’s Australian Party

A cursory check of the Queensland Electoral Commission website identifies two major donors that contributed towards a total of $493,000 to the Katter’s Australian Party.

Biggest single donation? 

A cool $150,000 from United Petroleum Unit Trust.

They like ethanol and coal seam gas apparently.

Does Bob Katter have interests in those industries?

We can't ask him about his wife because he ignores the parliamentary register of interests on that.

And the biggest donor, at least I think they are because they tend to make multiple single donations of $8,333.33, is  Nioa Nominees Pty Ltd.   

If my arithmetic is right the total is about $177,366.41

They are a major firearms company in Australia and are pushing to import the Adler shotgun and weaken Australia's strong gun laws.

Is Robert Nioa, the Managing Director of NIOA , a relative of Bob Katter?

I think I have asked these questions a bit late.

I hope Bob won't send a horde of avenging, evangelical, shot-gun toting, homophobic crocodiles to tear my atheist, tolerant, moderate body to pieces.

George Harley 

Mount Isa

Editor’s Note: We checked out George’s figures at the Electoral Commission website and they mostly hold water. The total amount has gone up since George looked to $496,611. United Petroleum did indeed contribute $150,000 as the largest single donation but our arithmetic of the total value of the contributions of Nioa Nominees Pty Ltd and “Nioa Nominees Pty Ltd T/F Bill Noia Family Trust” is slightly different at $175,314.81. Robert Noia is Bob Katter’s son-in-law.

Facebook Feedback

One reader was unimpressed with newly re-elected Robbie Katter’s plan to reach out to form a crossbench alliance in the new parliament.

Simon Grant What - a bloc so he can try and seem relevant and keep supporting (Palaszczuk)? Wants a Ministry I think. He actually had the opportunity last term to make meaningful contribution and instead elected to vote with Labor on almost everything. With funding from the CFMEU and given his parentage, I guess its no surprise we have Labor Lite.

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