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Three of Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo Queens (Caitlynd Gardner, Alison Gibbs, Samantha Eaton) present their cheque to their chosen charities.
Three of Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo Queens (Caitlynd Gardner, Alison Gibbs, Samantha Eaton) present their cheque to their chosen charities.

The arguments continue on same sex marriage

Good grief.  

We were forced to a pointless survey.

The result was an overwhelming "YES"

Why on Earth do the religious nutters now want to make up new obstructions to a simple survey question that they worked so hard for?

I am too old for this stuff.

George Harley 

Mount Isa

Spinal cord injury sufferers need our support

Approximately 90 Queenslanders a year sustain a life-changing spinal cord injury.

That’s one every four days.

We wanted all parties involved in the State election to consider the thousands of Queenslanders with spinal cord damage or a related physical disability in their policies. 

We’ve been discussing priorities with our members and clients and the key issues we’ve identified include ongoing access to safe and reliable wheelchair-accessible personal transport, mandating accessible housing for all new dwellings built from 2020 and better access to funding, aids and equipment for people aged over 65.

We would also like to see a commitment from the State Government to replace the Spinal Injuries Unit at Princess Alexander Hospital with a much-needed larger, more modern facility. 

I hope we can work together to help Queensland lead the way in accessibility, inclusiveness and support for people with a physical disability. 

Michael Powell 

Spinal Life Australia Chief Executive Officer

The importance of clean energy

Queensland destinations such as Cairns, Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef are a magnet for a nation of sunseekers, and the good news is that this world-beating sunshine can now produce some of the cheapest and cleanest electricity available today.

We all know that high power bills are the new barbecue stopper.  But the easiest way to help cut our power bills is to build more renewable energy. 

More wind and solar and energy storage means more low-cost power generation, which will increase competition in the energy system. That’s good for consumers. 

Over 1000 jobs are set to be created in Central and North Queensland from new renewable energy projects, along with almost $1.1 billion of new investment. This investment is good for both our air quality and our hip pockets.

As these projects and more enter the power system, the clean energy they produce will provide some relief for our power bills. And Queensland’s current plan for a renewable energy future brings with it $3.5 billion in investment from private investors along with 3500 jobs.

It’s time to turn our amazing sunshine into gold – not look backwards towards Old King Coal.

Kane Thornton 

Chief Executive

Clean Energy Council

Facebook Feedback

People had their say on whether the proposed Mount Isa to Tennant Creek rail line is viable

Simon Grant Would need to move Qld rail from narrow gauge (3'6") to Standard Gauge(4'8.5") as well so trains can travel straight through.

Alison Snelling There has been talk about railway all the way to Darwin for the last 20 years. Lol!

James Batey It would take the pressure off of the Great Barrier Reef then there is no more arguing with the Greens

David Shenton Governments will not spend money on north west QLD. Never had. Need more dams but no money but found millions at election time