Letters to the editor

CHARGE: Qantas's new "Alliance" may not necessarily be in the best interests of long suffering North West Queensland air passengers, suggests cartoonist Bret Currie.
CHARGE: Qantas's new "Alliance" may not necessarily be in the best interests of long suffering North West Queensland air passengers, suggests cartoonist Bret Currie.

Mount Isa schoolkids should take more care in the sun

On a recent trip back to Mount Isa, I noticed quite a number of schoolchildren without hats on their heads.

This occurred in the playground and walking home.

The 2017 National Primary School Sunsmart Survey found hat wearing was the most common method of sun protection.

The hat does need to be an appropriate sun protection garment and also needs to shade the back of the neck. 

This rules out caps as appropriate sun protection.

The average daily UV index in North Queensland hits three or above which is strong enough to damage the skin and sun protection is required year round.

Schools should provide a safe learning environment and a place to encourage healthy sun protection behaviour and practices.

Parents and families should lead the way by example and set the tone for sun protective behaviour in the home and during lesiure and sporting activities.

Queensland and Australia have among the highest rates of skin cancer worldwide and surely this is a race we do not want to win.

Fiona Faith Hartnett

Alice Springs

Enough of Bob Katter

There is a psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance. It is the discomfort felt when you believe two contradictory concepts to be simultaneously true.

Bob Katter believes that too many people in his electorate are committing suicide.

Bob Katter believes we should all have easier access to more firearms

Bob Katter ignores the fact that 61% of gun deaths in the USA are SUICIDES.

Bob Katter should pull the pin and retire.

George Harley 

Mount Isa 

Facebook Feedback

Our readers continue to vent their spleen over airline service to our region.

Ciara McEvoy The use of alliance planes is also a joke, bet they have no entertainment or business class. We pay the most and have the worst planes and no value for money. Our qantas flight next week is now operated by alliance

Brad Sheppard The alliance plane is far more comfortable than the Qantas plane (and Virgin) and if we're lucky they won't cancel flights with 24 hours notice. Yes there is no entertainment but l that's a small price to pay for a reliable service. I've never had a canceled virgin/alliance flight.. sadly I can't say the same for Qantas

Bou Shepherd Maybe the Queensland government, should invest in its own airline for the north west? See how they play then

Brett Peterson We shouldn’t give up or accept the higher costs and poor quality of service that we receive from Qantas but it is private enterprise. We need the leaders of the city to look at other options of airline travel in and out of the city for its residents, the Mount Isa City Council should talk to Alliance to look at costs. If it is a 100 seats such as a 717 that Qantas currently uses, surely the council could underwrite a flight and sell the tickets to the residents and business of Mount Isa on a cost neutral basis. This could be operated on a twice weekly basis to start of with. Maybe the North West Star could do a poll to see how many people would use this flight if is was offered at a realistic price.

Steve Cooper So in the end Rob Katter was no help whatsoever. Govt wanted to do an inquiry into the ridiculous over priced air fares. What a joke just go to Qantas web site return air fare from here to NZ $1350 each way on the Qantas website. Skyscanner was a whooping $815 each way. Qantas is a joke for 2 kids 14 and 12yrs of age.

Mitchell Walker If I wanna fly out tonight and you’ve got 10 spare seats, you’d think filling those seats for slightly less than full fare price would be better than people not flying because you’re trying to rip people off due to their situation and need to fly ASAP.