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Congratulations to our senior journalist Samantha Walton and her partner Eddie Campbell on the birth of their baby boy last week, Toby Michael Campbell.
Congratulations to our senior journalist Samantha Walton and her partner Eddie Campbell on the birth of their baby boy last week, Toby Michael Campbell.

LNP’s Fight for Fairer Fuel plan

The Liberal National Party understands that fuel prices across Queensland are skyrocketing and it’s hitting Queenslanders in the hip pocket.

What is even worse is the fact that they are cheaper for motorists in other states.

It’s time for Annastacia Palaszczuk to stand up to the petrol price rip-off and help ease the pressure at the bowser for Queenslanders.

It hurts the hip pocket of Queensland motorists at a time when the household budget is already under extreme pressure.

Price variations of up to 25 cents a litre, even in the same suburbs or country towns, is simply outrageous.

In NSW, a simple solution was implemented, providing real time fuel price comparison for motorists.

NRMA have estimated that it saves motorists hundreds of dollars a year through increased competition between the fuel retailers and making it easier for motorists to shop around.

Queensland’s peak motoring body, RACQ has endorsed the LNP’s plan.

Under the LNP’s Fight for Fairer Fuel plan we will make retailers publish their prices in real time, and the date and time from which the prices will be applied.

Rather than play the political “blame game” the lazy Labor Government needs to follow suit.

Queensland motorists want real action on petrol prices.

They shouldn’t have to wait another three years for some relief.

LNP Leader

Deb Frecklington

Viva La Republique

Aussie children are often told that they can be anything they want to be if they work hard enough.

Unless they want to be the Australian Head of State.

For that job you have to be an inbred English person that only follows the Church of England. 

When Liz finally pops her clogs, we will, in all probability, have the adulterous King Charles III as our boss with his equally sleazy Queen Camilla.

No thanks.

Let's get ready now.

Prepare to become a Republic after Queen Elizabeth II dies and before Chuck and Cam take over the reins/reigns.

George Harley 

Mount Isa

Facebook Feedback

We had a couple of responses to Thursday’s editorial for more longer-term water planning

Mitchell Begeng All these calls to use less water are a load of bull until the council reduces the minimum water charge from its ridiculous amount. Why should I use less water if i'm still going to pay for it?

Kerry Cook Council need to seek advice from other towns that do it well. Isans pay almost double the rates of other towns yet have substandard roads and facilities. They need to learn to fix roads correctly so they don’t have to repeat the job year in year out. It seems with every step forward, the home owner gets punished in their rates.

Les Payne (in response to the original article re Council’s call to be water wise) Local government needs to STEP UP and deal with this issue of water shortage!! It happens in the north!! Create new storage facilities so the rate payers don't need to suffer. You want people to love living in the NW then provide ample water for us to have nice lawns/gardens regardless of the seasons!!

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