Youth crime on the agenda for first sitting

Robber Katter
Robber Katter

AS the first parliamentary sitting kicks off next week there are a range of issues I intend to bring up with ministers, the primary one being youth crime.

While the recent Tuscon Taskforce in Mount Isa was successful in the short term, long-term solutions to the problem must be sought, including the opportunity to implement relocation sentencing for youth offenders, instead of recycling them back through the current system, which only introduces them into a life of crime as adults.

Another long standing major issue, particularly to mid-west residents is the cost of airfares.

The Federal Senate inquiry is currently underway, has so far received 83 submissions, with nearly half of those from the Traeger Electorate.

This is a great result and clearly shows the mid-west is fed up with half-truths, issue dodging and lack of community consultation from major airlines and lack of state government action.

The recent Western Australia government inquiry was particularly scathing of the practices of airlines to regional centers and resistance to cooperating with the inquiry.

I have put forward my own submission and wish to thank all those who took the time to share their own experiences.

No doubt this will have an impact on the committee’s findings.

In my submission I outlined a number of concerns and possible solutions, which I trust the Federal Senate inquiry will consider.  

Big changes are required to bring about industry and legislative reform to finally fix a problem that has been plaguing our communities. It’s great to hear the mining industry continues to power forward.

This is good for the region, but as policy makers we need to ensure the benefits are flowing to local communities not just to the more populated areas of the state. This means that jobs are available to locals first.

There were some encouraging changes to FIFO laws made in the last parliament, but the reforms need to continue.

The mining companies must provide jobs to locals first and encourage people to permanently relocate to the region.

I will continue to push this case with both the Government and the mining companies to ensure the reforms don’t lose momentum.

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