Taylor Tara plots follow on books to Mature Aussie Lady

First time author Taylor Tara is mostly delighted with the reception of book Tara: Mature Aussie Lady.

Released late last year, the book is a rare glimpse into the life of sex workers and a first-person account of what it like to work in the Australian sex industry.

Ms Tara said that because of the subject matter she has had a few negative comments but those who have read it have been really positive, with 10 percent of the book’s profits going to causes that fight depression.

“I’ve had lots of comments on private messages and social media about what people have got out of the book,” Ms Tara said.

“Everyone has loved it.”

There is no doubt the book is not for everyone as the subject matter is explicit adult-only material, a deliberate decision on the author’s part.

“It’s a little bit raunchy, but that’s what people were expecting, because that’s the nature of the book,” she said.

“You can’t have a book about a working girl without sex.”

The cover of Taylor Tara's first book.

The cover of Taylor Tara's first book.

Ms Tara said the book struck a particular chord with married couples.

“One couple was reading the book in bed together paragraph by paragraph,” she said.

“People relate to different things in there and help partners try something different after 30 years.”

Ms Tara admitted she brought a sense of vocation to her sex work by helping her clients, something that comes out in the book.

“That’s why I continued in the line of work,” she said.

“I didn’t really know why I started it but as I continued it, I did see the need that was there.”

Ms Tara said it was important to be aware of people around them.

“People have no idea of the mental issues others are going through or loneliness,” she said.

“One guy commented to me, he never knew what was wrong with him, and after reading my book he realised, he’s so lonely.”

Ms Tara said her children knew what she did for a living.

“I never hide it, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the job,” she said.

“It’s not a normal job, but there’s lots of jobs that aren’t classed as normal so why hide anything.

“People who work in the industry are not bad people, they pay their taxes, they do the right thing.”

Ms Tara is now working on two follow up books.

“This first one didn’t cover nowhere nearly enough, I wanted this one for the depression side and a gentle understanding for people of us and our clients,” she said.

“The second one will be a follow on from this but more general, not all about depression, some it’s just the choices in their lifestyle why they prefer to see a working girl than have a partner.”

Ms Tara said the third book would be a bit “naughty” and cover more on the fetish fantasies of people.


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