Mount Isa bridges before and after the rain

Knowing that Mount Isa was set for a severe weather alert we went around taking photos of the river and creek crossings in town on Friday before the rain hit and again on Saturday after it hit.

The weather system has now moved south of Mount Isa but the bureau says it could move north again.

See our reader wet weather photos here.

The heaviest rainfall is occurring over the northwestern interior between Cloncurry and Trepell with Carsland (northwest of Cloncurry) recording 298mm.

Cloncurry has copped a soaking from the low-pressure system with the Chinamen Creek Dam spilling over along with Lake Julius predicted to spill over today while the Cloncurry River is expected to peak at 7m. 

​While the torrential downpour over the weekend gave much needed relief to the region, a clean up will be under way in the coming week. 

The causeways in Mount Isa swelled to overflow bringing rubbish and debris.