Flood warnings remain active in north west region

Moderate flood levels are possible at Burketown Airstrip today.
Moderate flood levels are possible at Burketown Airstrip today.

Major flood levels are expected to continue rising at Walkers Bend on the Flinders River for the next few days.

Moderate flood levels are possible at Burketown Airstrip today. 

Burketown pub owner Cheryl Clark said all roads in and out of town are still cut off. 

“Some of us are starting to get short on food, we are hoping floodwaters will start to drop down, otherwise they will need to fly supplies into us,” Ms Clark said.  

“Here at the pub, we have had to start getting creative with our menu because we do not have much left. 

“The town is looking very green, but apart from that everything looks normal, you would have to look from the sky to get a sense of how flooded it is,” she said. 

Burke Shire mayor Ernie Camp said the region is in better shape than it was 10 days ago. 

“There is certainly still a lot of water around,” Mayor Camp said. 

“The people in this region are very resilient. We are keeping an eye on road conditions so hopefully we can get some fresh supplies in soon.”

Mayor Camp said feelings about the heavy rains were a “mixed bag” in his shire. 

“I think not being able to travel is a bit frustrating for some people but the majority of people are welcoming the rain,” Mayor Camp said. 

"Before this rain, things were becoming worrying. It was the driest I had seen it in 50 plus years.

“It was looking pretty dull, but now things are looking up. It doesn’t rain money and we will have to wait and see, but things are looking positive,” he said. 

North West Star has contacted the government to see if they are planning to fly supplies into the Burke Shire. 

Nicholson and Gregory Rivers:

River levels have peaked along the Nicholson River during the weekend. River level rises are expected downstream to Burketown early this week.

No current data is available for the Albert River at Burketown Airstrip with levels expected to be rising. The Albert River at Burketown Airstrip may reach the moderate flood level (5.50 m) during Monday.

Flinders River downstream of Richmond:

River level rises are forecast to continue along the Flinders River downstream of Richmond for this week.

The Flinders River at Walkers Bend is currently at 12.32 metres and rising. The river level at Walkers Bend is expected to continue rising for the next few days with major flooding likely to continue for the next week.

Georgina River:

Minor flood levels will continue in the Georgina River at Marion Downs into next week. Moderate flood levels are possible at Bedourie during Wednesday.

No significant rain has been recorded to 9am Sunday and no significant rain is forecast for the next few days

The Georgina River at Marion Downs is currently at 3.25 metres and rising.

The river level at Marion Downs is expected to remain above the minor flood level (3m) into next week.

Eyre Creek:

Moderate flooding may occur along the Eyre Creek later in the week.

The Eyre Creek at Bedourie may exceed the moderate flood level (4m) during Wednesday.


Major flood levels are rising on the Diamantina River at Diamantina Lakes.

No significant rainfall is forecast for the next few days.

River levels at Diamantina Lakes exceeded the major flood level (6 metres) during Saturday evening and at 10am Sunday were close to five metres above the level of the causeway on the Springvale Diamantina Lakes Road and continuing to rise.

Diamantina River downstream of Diamantina Lakes:

The river level at Monkira was just below the minor flood level and rising slowly on Sunday morning.

Remember: If it's flooded, forget it. For flood emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500. For life threatening emergencies, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.