Letters to the editor

TOP UP: Plenty of water in the Leichhardt River as seen from the air near Moondarra Junction. Photo: Derek Barry
TOP UP: Plenty of water in the Leichhardt River as seen from the air near Moondarra Junction. Photo: Derek Barry

School Principals under mounting stress

A recent Australian Catholic University report indicates that one in five school principals are overwhelmed by workplace stress, the highest level since the Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey began almost a decade ago.

The survey clearly identifies growing concerns about red tape and increasing accountability requirements demanded by government departments, hindering both teaching and learning in the classroom.

It's should be of great concern to us all when we read about the distress our fantastic teachers and Principals face and something needs to be done.

Their job is to educate our next generation, not to be pushed to the point of burnout due to workplace overload.

We expect Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor to stand up for hardworking teachers and Principals and outline what they are going to do to improve this serious situation for our school leaders. 

Simone Wilson

Shadow Assistant Minister for Education

Bob is ignoring free trade benefits

The Member for Kennedy Bob Katter’s rambling question in the House of Representatives (Question Time Thursday March 1, 2018) seemed to be again pursuing his anti-free trade and pro manufacturing union dogma.

I continue to be amazed that Mr Katter ignores what free trade has done for his electorate which is one of the biggest beef and sugar electorates in Australia.

And both beef and sugar continue to benefit mightily from Australia’s Free Trade Agreements.

I do not agree with Mr Katter’s comments as to the reasons for the contraction of the motor vehicle industry and I would point out that this industry was located at the other end of Australia from Mr Katter’s electorate.

There has never been a car manufacturing job in Kennedy.

But the best beef and cane farmers are in Kennedy and Mr Katter should be sticking up for them, as the LNP does.

I would ask the Katter Party State Members, all of whom represent beef and cane electorates, if they agree with their Party Leader?

Ian Macdonald,

Senator for Queensland

Bob, again

The ALP won a clear majority at the last state election. The Katter mob didn't like it and are still whining. 

 But this time Bob's solution to Democracy? His answer to those pesky ALP members is "I've got a fair few lined up that I'm gonna bash to death".

The footage of his sneering, venomous chilling tirade on Channel 7 news should be compulsory viewing for the electorate.

If any other gun loving nut had made those comments they could expect a visit from the police or a mental health team.

George Harley, Mount Isa

Facebook Feedback

People had plenty to say on our Editorial re Qantas’s “spirit of inclusion” policy 

Hamish Griffin – Another ridiculous effort by Qantas to show how much they are apparently into “equality” and yet every day they discriminate against hard working people living in remote and regional Australia.... the words that they actually avoid are... Sorry, rip off, gouging, profiteering, fair.

David Gatti Qantas telling their staff not to use the terms "guys" "husband" or "wife" because it's not politically correct? Sorry they lost me there.

Groovncat Mac Political correctness is getting out of control and totally pathetic. I plan to become a recluse when I retire so I don't offend anyone.

Gary Osman They are making massive record profits ripping us off