Cannington Mine goes solar

Cannington Mine's power station is going solar.
Cannington Mine's power station is going solar.

South32 Limited will install a renewable energy project at Cannington Mine to deliver reduced greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting gas consumption with solar at its power station.

The new six hectare, three MW solar photovoltaic farm will be integrated into the current gas power station and will be built this year. The solar farm will generate electricity to supply the mine’s accommodation village and airport, with the surplus electricity supporting the mining and processing operations at Cannington.

The solar PV farm will be delivered by Energy Developments Pty Limited and SunSHIFT and supply clean and reliable renewable energy while contributing 4000-6000 tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement per year.

South32 Chief Sustainability Officer, Rowena Smith, said renewable costs had reduced significantly, so it made great economic sense.

“It’s an exciting time in the industry when renewable energy technology and innovation is applied to deliver power to our world-class remote mining operations.”  

The cost to install and operate the solar farm will be offset by lower fuel costs, which makes it an economically viable solution for the operation.