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GIVE IT A TRY: Some of the smaller competitors were happier than others to be taking part in the Julia Creek Dirt N Dust junior triathlon last week. Photo: Derek Barry
GIVE IT A TRY: Some of the smaller competitors were happier than others to be taking part in the Julia Creek Dirt N Dust junior triathlon last week. Photo: Derek Barry

Furner's Beef Week cheek hard to stomach

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner's cheek in spruiking Beef Week 2018 at the same time he and the rest of the Palaszczuk Government whack graziers with draconian vegetation management laws is nothing short of extraordinary.

Mr Furner had the time this week to issue a pithy media release claiming the 'steaks' were high for the cattle industry leading into Beef Week.

But what he failed to acknowledge was how high the 'steaks' really are due to Labor's aggressive attack on Queensland farmers as they ram new vegetation laws through Parliament.

Labor's Mark Furner is treating the expected 90,000 attendees at this year's Beef Week like mugs.

Does he honestly believe that visitors to the Beef Capital of Rocky will be unaware of the hypocrisy the Minister is pedalling by talking up the beef industry while putting graziers in the crush.

These are hard-working Queenslanders who are just trying to responsibly manage their land and sustainably grow their businesses.

Furner's delusional if he thinks he can show his face at this year's event and expect a warm and understanding reception from Queensland graziers.

He's supposed to be farmers' champion around the Cabinet table and yet he clearly cow-tows to Annastacia Palaszczuk and her green-eyed Deputy Jackie Trad at a time when rural families have their necks on the line because of Labor's unfair laws.

Only the LNP is standing with farmers to fight Labor's ideologically-driven campaign to win green votes in Brisbane at the expense of rural and regional Queenslanders.

Tony Perrett

LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister



A wide range of emotions

Y​our North West Star Letters page of April 12 certainly brought out a wide range of emotions.  

Melissa North imploring us to respect our planet.  

Kim Maree Burton sharing her pride on the achievement of Mount Isans, acknowledging our own William Barton, and his incredible skills as a musician. 

Danielle Slade reminding us of the abominable treatment we are receiving from the Airline Industry, and urging us to work for a better outcome for the region.       

Finally the letter signed by Kendall Santillan, and written by, we know who, attacking the current Mount Isa City Council and Councillors.         

Each of the Letters is thought provoking and deserving of comment, but do the Council really deserve the vitriol and malice they received?       

It seems to me that Mayor Joyce and Deputy Mayor Phil have been leading a cohesive, transparent Council using a team approach.

And according to regular reports in the North West Star they are attracting plenty of Government funding, and working hard to promote Mount Isa Industry and Business options.   

If we were to compare that process to the previous ”one man band” closed door Council, whose main focus was self promotion and rate increases, I believe the criticism and venom is unjustified.                     

Let me be honest and say not all of the present Councillors got my vote at last election, but so far they have made many decisions and few mistakes, a welcome change from the previous two Councils.

Ron McCullough,

Mount Isa

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