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Visitor from Fiji Annie Whybourne took this photo of a lizard caught in a discarded can near Ryan Rd, Mount Isa.
Visitor from Fiji Annie Whybourne took this photo of a lizard caught in a discarded can near Ryan Rd, Mount Isa.

Mount Isa has a barking mad dog problem

I have lived in Mount Isa for more than seven years and in different locations.

Having lived in different cities and countries Mount Isa stands out as having a dog problem to me.

If you go for a walk in most any area of the town there will be dogs barking and going off as you walk peacefully down the street.

Why is this when no where near the dog’s property?

In my opinion owners are negligent to train their dogs to bark only when people are a threat ie trying to enter the property.

Louis Barnard,

Mount Isa

Observations from a visitor from Fiji

 My husband and I have spent an enjoyable couple of months working in Mount Isa.  

We have completed our several long distance bike rides around Mount Isa, on the peripheries and out to the dam.  

We have been saddened by the discarded rubbish, but very distressed recently to see a lovely lizard who would have died an agonising death with his head caught in a discarded can.  

We appeal to all the community to discard rubbish appropriately, and recycle as able.

Protect our precious wildlife.  

Annie Whybourne,

Lautoka, Fiji

Bob Katter should go

I read with great interest and pleasure your editorial in Saturday’s North West Star where you stated  “It really is time that he (Mr. Katter) retired or if he doesn’t listen to reason, it is about time we voted an LNP or Labor MP so we have a better chance of getting some government funding. Canberra isn’t listening to Bob.”

Can I suggest that Canberra isn’t listening to Bob Katter because he doesn’t have anything to say?

As a person who views Federal Parliamentary Question time I know that every Member of Parliament has their own reserved seat in the Chamber.

As the camera scans the chamber at regular intervals the seat allocated to our member, Mr Katter, is unoccupied.

Also, I have checked his official attendance record in the Parliament which is pathetic.

As one of your letter writers stated in the recent Letter to the Editor column:

“It’s time that he departed the scene, for any good that he may have done we say Thank You but please move over and let somebody who cares about this electorate and who wants to get results for the people take over.

We can’t afford a member of Parliament spending their time engaging in political stunts on issues which their electors are not interested in.”

Kendall Santillan,

Mount Isa

Facebook Feedback

People commented on our online story where governments wanted more power to sack councils.

Richard Young So they can have more power and make more stuff ups then the people that are there doing the job or showing up to get paid

Wilma A. Gibson Well one would have thought the auditing body for LGAs would have some ability to contribute to this process?

Mark O'Hara The people should be able to do the same to politicians. Before elections.

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