The mellow sounds of Jack’s trombone will be heard on the other side of the world

TROMBONE: Year 11 student jack Muller
TROMBONE: Year 11 student jack Muller

Year 11 Spinifex State College student and trombone player Jack Muller will be travelling to Seattle, Washington, USA to attend the Pacific Honours Ensemble Program in November this year.

This program is a partnership between the Queensland Conservatorium and the Western International Band Clinic.

As an Australian Ambassador, Mr Muller will join a small group of Australian students as well as over 600 American students for 10 days, during this time he will work with renowned conductors and composers, take part in workshops, concerts and sightseeing activities.

Mrs Susanne Pattison has been Mr Muller’s Music Teacher since he was in Year 4 and said she was very proud of his achievements and credits his success to hard work and dedication.

“He has a very bright future and I wish him all the best,” Mrs Pattison said.

Mr Muller credits his invitation to apply and audition to attending State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP), music courses and regular practice.

His audition was judged by a panel at Griffith University and from this he was chosen.

“I was chosen for consistently showing enthusiasm and passion for not only playing the trombone, but the music in its entirety.”