Soccer heats up

SPEED: Concordia and Parkside players chase down the ball during their clash last weekend. Picture: Lydia Lynch.
SPEED: Concordia and Parkside players chase down the ball during their clash last weekend. Picture: Lydia Lynch.

It is coming to the pointy end of the Mount Isa soccer season and competition is heating up. 

Atlas is dominating the A grade league on 41 points with Sandfire Bulls trailing on 23 followed by Parkside on 16 and Isaroos on 10. 

Concordia is pulling out all stops to hold their number one spot in the reserve grade competition on 29 points. 

Parkside B are hot on their heels with 26 points followed by Atlas B on 20, Cloncurry on 15 and Isaroos on 13. 

In the womens league Parkside have secured the first rung on the ladder with 30 points followed by Cloncurry on 18, Tigers on 12, Sandfire Bulls on 10 and the Isaroos on 7. 

There are just two weeks left of normal fixtures before finals commence with the grand final to be played on September 15. 

North West Queensland Soccer mens chair Jason Howard said part of Concordia’s success in the mens reserve grade competition can be attributed to the fact they only have to field one team each week. 

“A lot of the clubs have struggled to field teams because of shift work, injuries and sickness,” Mr Howard said. 

“Concordia only have the one team in their club, they don’t have an A grade team and they have 15 players who do not have to play two games every week like a lot of the other clubs do.”

Mr Howard said it was a similar story in the A grade. 

While Atlas have clearly dominated the field, Sandfire Bulls have proven themselves as a strong side. 

“Sandfire Bulls have been pretty competitive too, they are currently second on the ladder,” Mr Howard said. 

“They don’t have a reserve grade side so they have fresh players and every team they play do not.

“Parkside and Isaroos have really struggled filling full strength sides every week. The numbers are just not there for them at the moment,” he said. 

While Isaroos trail at the bottom of the ladder, the team is home to the top goal scorer of the season. 

James Plowman has knocked 29 balls into the back of the net for the Isaroos this season. 

Andrew Frahm is the top scorer for Atlas with 23 goals under his belt. 

Jayden Dempsey has proven himself as a strong striker for the Bulls with 20 goals and Parkside’s Mathew Walker has scored 13 for his team.