Letters to the editor

LOOKING LOVELY: Ladies on parade for the Fashions on the Field at Cloncurry Spring Races on Saturday. Photo: supplied.
LOOKING LOVELY: Ladies on parade for the Fashions on the Field at Cloncurry Spring Races on Saturday. Photo: supplied.

Waste levy policy

Mount Isa City council is once again not passing on all the information to Mount Isa residents.

The Mayor has claimed through local and social media that the Mount Isa rate payers will have to fund the costs of a Waste Levy Policy, which will be coming into effect January 1, 2019 and will be costing approximately $2.5 million per year.

The waste levy policy comes into effect on March 4, 2019 and while our city council have briefly touched on a rebate, what they have failed to inform our community that Mount Isa City Council will be provided with an advance payment rebate for the entire levy on municipal solid waste as well as receiving an addition 5% of the cost of this levy by the Queensland State Government.

Yes, Queensland Government is providing advance payments to councils that covers 105% of the cost of their municipal solid waste. 

Mount Isa City Council will have no reason to increase rates because of the waste levy and the 5% extra funding could be used to increase our waste management services.

Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch who I understand both her Department and herself has been in contact with our council has stated that research indicates that for every 10,000 tonnes of waste that goes to landfill, less than three jobs are supported, if that same waste was recycled, more than nine jobs would be supported.

In addition to the advance payments, the government is providing a $5 million local government levy ready grants program, which Mount Isa can apply for, to provide funding for necessary infrastructure works at waste facilities.

Whether you agree with the levy or not, shouldn’t our community be entitled to all the relevant information?

 As a resident, I just want to be confident that I’m receiving all the facts from my local council. Mount Isa residents want a council that is clear, transparent and honest.

Danielle Slade

Mount Isa 

Labor abandons Queensland farmers in live export retreat

Queensland’s all important cattle and live export industry has been left confused and shocked after the Labor party sets itself to “transition away” from live exports.

The recent Labor Party Conference agreed that the Queensland State Government should apply pressure to the Federal Government to ban animal live exports by 2030.

I am concerned that Labor’s Agriculture Minister has again been ignoring Queensland farmers and communities and is instead listening to the inner-city green voters.

The LNP supports actions to sustain a livestock export trade in Queensland but expects exporters to continue to work hard at meeting their animal welfare responsibilities.

Any ban on the whole industry would unfairly punish those exporters and farmers who have done no wrong – and in turn lead to a repeat of the devastation seen in 2011.

It’s time for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to put an end to the ‘toing and froing’ on live exports and get in behind our farmers and support a sustainable and viable Queensland industry.

Tony Perrett

 LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister

Facebook Feedback

On the KAP bid to raise funds for their staffers taken away by the Premier.

Lesley-Ann Peterson What a disgrace a go-fund / Twitter me page- With every change of government everyone loses their job - so a Labor win at election will see all staffer's from Liberal party out of a job, what are we going to do have a go-fund me page for everyone of them. NO it is the name of the game Politics. Mr Katter could ask Mrs Katter to help out as Mrs Sandra McGrady did for 17 years- unpaid. It is time to stop wasting Taxpayers money Mr Katter.