North West Star editor’s subscription message

Editor Derek Barry and journalist Lydia Lynch read the North West Star.
Editor Derek Barry and journalist Lydia Lynch read the North West Star.

We are proud to provide the quality local journalism you trust and the essential community information that keeps you connected. We are proud to share your stories.

In print and online, we have celebrated our region’s successes. We have mourned our losses and tragedies. We have championed the causes that matter.

Since 1966 the North West Star has played an important role in bringing the region together, and giving our community a voice. We want to remain a vibrant part of our shared future. That is why we are introducing a local news subscription for from October 23.

Like all newspapers, we have adapted to the changing way people want to consume news and information.

As our audience increasingly reads our local journalism on their smartphones, we need to make sure we can continue to deliver the coverage our community expects and deserves.

Your subscription gives you full access to all the local news, sport and opinion published by the North West Star, as well as your favourite community information and the latest national news and sport, plus lifestyle, health and travel advice.

Subscribers will also get access to a digital replica of each edition of the Star so they can read every page of the printed newspaper on their tablet or desktop.

There’s also regular news updates, including breaking-news alerts, by email – all for only $3 a week.

Some website content will remain open to all website visitors, including classified advertisements, such as birth and funeral notices, and recommended articles featuring local businesses.

Visitors can sign up to a free email newsletter making it easier to browse the latest headlines and see what’s making news in our region.

By subscribing for full online access, you will be supporting the North West Star to continue its mission to deliver the local journalism that keeps our community informed, entertained and connected.

You can sign up to pay monthly and get the first 30 days free or you can pay for an annual subscription, and get 20% off plus the first month free.

Visit from October 23 for more details.

On behalf of advertising sales manager Tom Power and our dedicated sales team and journalists, thank you, our loyal audience and advertisers, for your continuing support for the North West Star - both online and in print.

Derek Barry

Editor, North West Star