Letters to the editor

Our editor claims to have no idea why cartoonist Bret Currie would choose this week to send in this cartoon but is relieved he wasn't drawn in it.
Our editor claims to have no idea why cartoonist Bret Currie would choose this week to send in this cartoon but is relieved he wasn't drawn in it.

Returning to the Isa to access Headspace 

In January this year, I moved my children- daughter 16 and son 13, to Townsville with me while I started a new job.

Well my son and I have returned to Mount Isa just to access Headspace.

Julie and the Mount Isa team are a fantastic passionate group and I, as his mum, can't wait for him to get more ongoing support.

All it took was one phone call and everything is arranged. Nothing was too hard and the staff were so accommodating.

This is the exact opposite Headspace Townsville who had no idea of programs, bookings, availability, options or staff availability.

The initial 37 minutes on hold before talking to someone who didn't know anything should have been enough. However I persisted and still days later there was no one at Headspace Townsville that could help.

It was becoming a case of save for a funeral or save for a plane flight back out here.

So here we are back in Mount Isa to access mental health and youth health services for my son. Mount Isa community has always been a community that comes together in a time of need.

My son is in desperate need and Headspace Mount Isa, Julie and here dedicated team have done more than I could hope for.

They have arranged five appointments in two weeks to provide intensive, targetted counseling to start my son on the right track.

A huge THANK YOU to Mount Isa Headspace, you are THE BEST.

Tania Henshal

(via Facebook)

Well done Western Australia

The nuts that held the wheels on the "Pauline Hanson One Nation" band-wagon seem to have fallen off in Western Australia.

Congratulations, Sandgropers.

Let's hope the PHONies use the same incompetent mechanics when they try to re-cycle their toxic nonsense at the next Queensland state election.

George Harley 

Mount Isa

World Glaucoma Week

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide.

In Australia, 50% of people suffering from Glaucoma are unaware they have the disease. 

This World Glaucoma Week (March 12-18) I urge you to take control of your eye health and make an appointment to have your eyes checked.

You can visit your local optometrist, or if you have concerns about your vision, you can contact us about our Vision Assessment Clinics held for free around the state. 

If you or someone you know is already experiencing problems with vision loss, call us for assistance with your daily living on 1800 810 122. 

Together, we can look towards a healthier future.

Dan English

CEO, Guide Dogs Queensland

Close the Gap

Thursday (March 16) marked Close the Gap day to raise awareness and take action to achieve health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Indigenous Australians are three times more likely to be diagnosed with liver and cervical cancer, and twice as likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer than others. 

A range of factors currently contribute to the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health, including social disadvantage, higher smoking rates, poor nutrition and physical inactivity and poor access to health services. 

All levels of government, health services, non-government organisations and the community must work together to help improve Indigenous cancer control in Australia. 

Chris McMillan, CEO,

Cancer Council Queensland