Letters to the editor

BULLS HIT: The clown prince of the North West Star Bret Currie suggests there's something even more scary in the arena than the Division One bulls.
BULLS HIT: The clown prince of the North West Star Bret Currie suggests there's something even more scary in the arena than the Division One bulls.

Inspirational women 

As many Mount Isans anguish about the city’s future, some exceptional women are getting on with creating the industries to sustain us long term.

Professor Sabina Knight, Betty Kiernan and Angi Matveyeff are three women of vision and achievement who have, by their leadership and energy, expanded the industry base of Mount Isa.

Prof Knight arrived in Mount Isa a few years ago to take over Mount Isa Centre for Rural and Remote Health, a thriving university medical training centre but Sabina set about improving and expanding its potential. It has grown considerably in training offered, ownership of real estate, and employment and is a huge component of our health training industry.

Betty Kiernan took over the reins of the Laura Johnson aged care home when the facility was showing its age and had just been granted funding for an overdue upgrade. Betty saw the potential and the future needs of the community and threw her extensive planning and management skills into the upgrade, the outcome is an industry leading aged care facility. With the support of Board Chairman Matt O’Neill she utilised the vacated buildings to enhance the ability of the Aged Care support group. The next stage is expansion of the independent living options for Senior Citizens.

The project has enabled the aged care industry to grow exponentially within Mount Isa.

Angi Matveyeff was appointed Business Manager of Mount Isa Entertainment and Tourism Venues and  set about refreshing our entertainment facilities, and supporting tourism and artistic endeavours. Her dynamism and leadership, along with new ideas, has helped inspire the restoration of tourism in the City and much improved entertainment opportunities for locals.

There are many more currently engaged in similar activities, I think we should recognise all of them and give them our support.

As Mayor Joyce McCulloch said ”Mining will be the cornerstone of employment in Isa for a long time to come”. To reduce the boom/bust cycle and provide more jobs, we need clear-thinking energetic people to grow alternative industries.

Ron McCullough, Mount Isa

Welcome back

Can I welcome back to the Letters to The Editor "John Jones." (August 5).  

The author says "Local chapter of the ALP have been fixated with attacking Mayor Joyce McCulloch and Robbie Katter”. I can’t recall the ALP attacking the Mayor on one issue, the general public are doing that in grand style. But attacking Robbie Katter?

Just pointing out how hypocritical Mr Katter is, as political party members.

The letter said Mr Katter has delivered more for the region than Tony McGrady did in 20 years. That is nonsense.There are two Katter MP’s out of a State Parliament of 89 members, what The North West has received in recent times is from the Palaszczuk Labor Government, not from the KAP.

Mr Katter attempted to block the last State Budget but failed. He tried to stop $1m this year on a solar pumping system from Lake Julius, $8m for the Clear Water Lagoon, $1m to upgrade the SES and RFS in Mount Isa, $600,000 to upgrade homes for Cloncurry seniors, $4.8m to upgrade McKinlay MPHS, $0.5m to design infrastructure for Mica Creek Power Station, $0.8m to upgrade the Spinifex School hall and $2m for the rescue helicopter. Mr Jones should stands at West and Isa sts and look at the Court House and a new Police Station built under Tony McGrady in a Labor Government. And the PCYC built here when Tony McGrady was Minister for Police. Then look up West St. The beautification program was funded by a State Labor Government.

No Mr. Whoever you are, you are wrong, biased and bigoted but one thing is for sure I feel an election coming on and I’m certain we will see many more of your contributions to the paper. Isn't democracy wonderful?

Kendall Santillan, Mount Isa