Social photographs from CNW Mailman Express 2017

THERE were more than 3500 people estimated to have attended the Mailman Express on Thursday night. 

Mount Isa Race Club president Dan Ballard said this went beyond his hope of getting 3000 through the Buchanan Park gate. 

“Last year the numbers were a bit under 2500,” Mr Ballard said. 

“I was shooting for 3000 through the gate but I felt I was being ambitious.” 

Mr Ballard said that the higher numbers could be due to the amount of advertising the race club has invested in. 

“Obviously the rodeo is bringing a lot of people in. 

“It did seem to be dominated by locals I felt. 

“I am very proud the local community looks at the Mailman as one of the bigger events on the social calendar." 

The Mailman will be of benefit to the race club’s coffers, especially in the immediate future. The club has to replace the water truck.

“That’s a massive slice of revenue that has to go to that quite quickly,” Mr Ballard said.