Letters to the editor

GOODBYE PETE: The North West Star farewelled long serving sales manager Peter Baldwin on Thursday with a Bret Currie original. All the best in Victoria, Pete.
GOODBYE PETE: The North West Star farewelled long serving sales manager Peter Baldwin on Thursday with a Bret Currie original. All the best in Victoria, Pete.

Collaboration behind Hann Highway

It is great to see the state and federal governments working together to provide funding for crucial regional roads, such as the sealing of the Hann Highway.

Work recently started on the $53 million upgrade of the Hann Highway, which will see the final 36 kilometre stretch sealed over the next three years.

Sealing the highway will help all businesses and tourists save many hours of travel between far north Queensland and southern markets in Victoria and South Australia.

While this road project will deliver a more reliable freight and tourist route for the north, it will also provide hundreds of much needed jobs for the region over the next few years.

This road project has come to fruition thanks to the hard work and lobbying of the Hann Highway Action Group, the Flinders and Etheridge Shire Councils and Flinders Mayor Jane McNamara, who is also a member of the Northern Australia Advisory Council.

As Chair of the Inland Queensland Roads Action Plan (IQ-RAP) I know all too well what can be achieved when regional councils come together in a united voice and with a common goal to improve regional sustainability, productivity and safety on Queensland’s inland road network.

The IQ-RAP prioritises upgrades over the next 18 years and is designed to assist governments and stakeholders to assess and prioritise projects for funding.

The plan identified over 3000 kilometres of road require upgrades, which included the Hann Highway.

I am pleased to see state and federal governments recognising that regional roads are the key to economic growth in the north and I look forward to further commitments to Queensland’s inland road network. 

Cr Rick Britton

Chair IQ-RAP Working Group

Mayor of Boulia Shire Council

Numbskulls in Canberra

There are some numb-skulls in Canberra that are fighting tooth and nail to prevent kind decent people that are in love, from getting married.

Because the couples are gay.

Murderers, rapists, defrocked priests and child molesters are allowed to get married.

Seriously, why do we pay these half-wits politicians?

George Harley, Mount Isa

ATSI Children’s Day

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children are being celebrated in organisations, schools and communities across the country to mark Children’s Day. 

Held on August 4 each year, Children’s Day started in 1988 to celebrate children living in orphanages and institutions. Many did not know their birthday, so a day was set aside to celebrate a communal birthday to make each child feel special. 

It is fitting that the theme for this year’s Children’s Day is Value Our Rights, Respect Our Culture, Bring us Home. 

This year, Children’s Day holds extra meaning, recognising the 20th anniversary of the Bringing them Home report which exposed appalling human rights violations through the Stolen Generations. 

On this day, we acknowledge the atrocities of the past and reaffirm our commitment to reconciliation. 

The national day presents an opportunity to celebrate the significant role community, culture and family play in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. 

It’s important for all Australians to come together to learn more about our history and show our respect and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and strong family connections. 

I encourage organisations, schools and communities across the state to make this a priority and identify ways we can work towards this recognition.

Mark Furner MP,  

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships