Party MPs owe, show their allegiance

I have been to two meetings about Mareeba hospital, where they’ve removed eight major services – they’re winding down the hospital there.

The people were very angry, Dimbulah got $5 million and Atherton got $70m.

Campaigning north of Cairns I noticed there were no highway improvements in northern Cairns at all, whereas southern Cairns has $750m for two overpasses of 20km of divided highway, and a $200m bridge.

We got $200m on the highway between Cloncurry and Mt Isa, and another $150m on completing Hann Highway– direct route from Cairns to Melbourne though Hughenden.

So why is northern Cairns and Mareeba - 21,000 people and the Emerald/Rockhampton Road falling to pieces?

Why have the other areas got that amount of money?

The $27m has helped us secure longevity for the Copper Stream at Mt Isa, the city’s fertiliser plant, and some 7000 jobs. 

Why? Why have these areas had government monies showered upon them?

Why –  because these areas are represented by political parties whose MPs owe their allegiance to the area they represent.

The other areas, northern Cairns, Mareeba, Emerald, Rockhampton are represented by the major parties and their so called ‘parliamentary representatives’ are simply puppets on a string, a string pulled by the big party machine in Brisbane.

When a person signs up for KAP, our little party, they - as party policy - are to vote in the interests of their electorate and their personal conscience and that we are Australians and Christians - we have a responsibility to produce good for our fellow man.

This remarkable difference in outcomes (by comparison to the major parties) is a wonderful success story. 

It carries its own message in flashing neon lights.       

A few of Robbie Katter MP’s achievements - $40m Western Roads package; $77.9 million Rural Assistance and Drought Package; Keeping the Copper Smelter in Mt Isa open and securing jobs; Securing $19.6m State funding for the Hann Highway – cutting travel time to southern markets by 10-15 hours/800km; $2.3m for dredging for port of Karumba; $1.6m Mount Isa hospital car park upgrade; $1.74m Extension of optical fibre link from Normanton to Karumba.  

Robbie Katter – he just gets it done.