Letters to the editor

FUNNY MOON: Local photographer Richard Norris captured this great photo of the supermoon over Mount Isa on Monday night.
FUNNY MOON: Local photographer Richard Norris captured this great photo of the supermoon over Mount Isa on Monday night.

Help the Salvos Christmas Appeal

With all of life’s distractions, we sometimes forget the true meaning of Christmas.

When we are caught up buying presents and over indulging in food, Christmas can be a time when we often forget what really matters.

But bad experiences and misfortunes can culminate at Christmas time, which means for vulnerable and marginalised Australians, Christmas can be the hardest time of the year.

For the Salvos it’s our busiest period, with more than 300,000 families and individuals seeking assistance.

We give out more than 500,000 gifts and toys, and serve over 10,000 meals to those who don’t have the means to celebrate Christmas. 

We can only meet this need because year after year Australians come together and stand by those doing it tough.

This, I believe, is the true meaning of Christmas. 

So this holiday season let’s remember those going it alone.

By donating $29 to The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal, you can help put a present under the tree and food on the table, bringing hope where it’s needed most.

Neil Venables

National Secretary for Communications  

The Salvation Army

There are enough protections in place

To those who are still bleating about special protections for anyone with religious objections to gay marriage, I say that they have forgotten one supremely important fact. 

Their religion is completely wrong.

My religion tells me so, and I will not accept any criticism of my religion, thank you very much.

We have religious freedom in this country, and these people cannot force their false beliefs onto me or anyone else.


Coopers Plains

Moving On

The pointless $100m postal survey is over. The result is identical to that of every opinion poll conducted over the last five years. 

I have no doubt that Bob Katter will gloat like a demented chook that his electorate voted "No" by a small margin.

So be it.  That is democracy.

But consider this. 

Out of 150 electorates in the Lower House, 133 voted yes.

Every state voted yes, that is 76 out of 76 in the Senate.

A total of 209 out of 226.

That is an overwhelming result for same sex marriage.

If Katter wants to talk about his right to vote no in Parliament,  will he please extend the courtesy of every other state and electorate to vote yes.

 Bob, you are the road bump that was put in to slow down the Horseless Carriage.

 You, your hat and the three-piece suit are yesterday's news.

Get out of the way Bob, it is 2017.

George Harley 

Mount Isa

Facebook Feedback

People commented on the news Mount Isa City Council was getting behind the Senate Inquiry into flight costs

Steve Cooper Its beyond a joke. They've been robbing us for years.

Kay Dempsey Cole QANTAS needs it name changed..they no longer care about Qld and NT...Change it to Greed Air Service

Kaelem Ewins ridiculous when an international flight that is triple the length in time costs half the price to fly domestically from Isa. domestic flights should have a cap price.

Tony Giardina Nothing will change

Jimmy James I know this is important but the break in and damage done at night should be top of the local agenda, or is flying in from elsewhere the only solution?