Letters to the editor

Police Sergeant Amit Singh and Senior Constable Jason Jesse cook up a storm at the Camooweal Christmas festivities.

Police Sergeant Amit Singh and Senior Constable Jason Jesse cook up a storm at the Camooweal Christmas festivities.

Let's make this Christmas the festive season of belonging

For many Australians, the festive season is one of joy and connection, where friendships and family are celebrated, food is shared and holiday plans are made.

Yet for others in our neighbourhoods, that sense of togetherness, warmth and belonging will not be felt, and rather an acute sense of loneliness will take hold.

Christmas Day might be lunch for one, sleeping rough or spent with the paralysing uncertainty of not knowing where family is, after being separated because of war or conflict.

There is hope.

At Red Cross loneliness is not something to be ashamed of.

We’re there for people who have nobody else: calling and visiting, driving them to appointments, offering one-to-one support to those struggling with mental illness, or giving a warm welcome to those seeking safety from violence or persecution.

We know loneliness doesn’t discriminate.

It stealthily creeps into our lives, no matter our age, gender or ethnicity, and takes hold when tragedy happens, like losing a loved one, a divorce or losing your job.

And if you don’t catch it early, loneliness can reach chronic levels and have a significant effect on our health.

But it’s bigger than that. When there’s no one by your side, and you’re feeling deeply isolated, communities start to become less trusting, there’s more fear and places start to feel less safe. 

It’s time for Australians to change that. Red Cross is calling on you to make this the Season of Belonging, by taking simple steps.

Be kind on social media, say hello to your neighbours, volunteer or check on someone you know is in trouble.

A donation to Red Cross will also help us continue on our mission to work with half a million of the most socially excluded Australians to build the vital connections they need.

You can help at www.redcross.org.au/act

Leisa Bourne,

Director QLD 

Australian Red Cross

Not again Bob

In the recent postal survey, the people of the Kennedy electorate voted against same sex marriage. 

I fully respect their vote and the opinions they hold.

In the House of Representative vote, Bob Katter also voted no.

Once again, I fully respect his decision, based on his long held beliefs.

But why, oh why did Bob have to make his 15 minutes in the public glare so embarrassing and hurtful to so many.

Even fellow Queensland MP, the LNP's Warren Entsch said. 

“His pathetic attempts at humour, insensitivity and grossly misleading comments were devoid of any facts and were highly offensive, embarrassing and cringeworthy.” 

I do not recommend anyone reads or watches his diatribe on an empty stomach.

Once again I ask myself, when is this fossilised dinosaur going to retire "to spend more time with my family"

George Harley 

Mount Isa 

Facebook Feedback

People had their say on the KAP electing three members of parliament

Simon Grant They had their chance last term to achieve something meaningful for the North, but instead sided with Labor and squibbed it. Too late now, Palaszczuk doesn't need their votes!

Dave Vipen They will have no power this term which won't really make any difference because they did nothing last term when they had power. Wasted vote voting for them

Mitch Clicka Cleary Report on what they’re going to do about everyone’s belongings being stolen or and destroyed. There’s going to be vigilante groups patrolling soon. Police have lost control.