Letters to the editor

TOUGH TIMES: Cattle search for feed wherever they can as the drought conditions continue in the North West. Photo: Derek Barry
TOUGH TIMES: Cattle search for feed wherever they can as the drought conditions continue in the North West. Photo: Derek Barry

Help needed to find former Mount Isa resident

I am trying to find someone who used to live in Mount Isa.

Her name was Robyn Battle.

She married a gentleman by the name of Len but I cannot remember his surname.

They moved east somewhere between Hughenden and Charters Towers.

To make contact with me, my phone number is 0418 951 367 and my email is evelyn.jones7@bigpond.com

Evelyn Jones

Albany, WA

Parliamentary Inquiry into voluntary euthanasia

As the new Queensland Parliament resumes after the November election it is time for our state MPs, including those elected to represent Bundaberg and the Wide Bay region, to give Queenslanders a say on voluntary euthanasia and potential legislation.

It’s also time for Queenslanders to ask those MPs who oppose even an inquiry to explain themselves.

I am grateful for the gift of life and hope that I have managed to make a good contribution to the society in which I live.

But I don’t want to live if a time arises when I have no quality of life. At that point, I want out.

I do not want to lie in bed like a vegetable and have my family and friends visit my bedside only to see someone who is simply not me, just an object of pity.

I want them to remember me as an active and happy achiever who enjoyed their company.

Their last sight of me must not be awful. And I want to save the nursing home fees so the money can be used to give my grandkids a great start in life.

Clearly, the best outcome is for the Queensland Government — through our State Parliament — to make it legal for me to voluntarily end my life when I have no quality of life.

Other states and territories have tried, some several times, and finally Victoria won the battle last year.

Queensland is the only Australian state never to examine or debate voluntary euthanasia legislation.

The first step that should be taken immediately by our new State Parliament is to establish a parliamentary inquiry into voluntary euthanasia, so every Queenslander has a chance to have their say and to weigh up expert evidence.

Any legislation ultimately placed before our State Parliament will be the subject of a conscience vote, so the issue should never become a party political football.

Some MP’s fear losing votes or even losing their seats over this issue. They won’t.

Politicians only lose when they sit on fences and forget about doing their job.

Everald Compton


Do as I say, not as I do

Australia's illegally elected Deputy PM and leader of the National Party,  Barnaby Joyce, went to a general and by-election espousing family values and marriages based on Christian values.

At the same time he was having a sexual relationship with a junior staffer.   She is now pregnant and Joyce has been kicked out of the family home.

While he was denouncing same sex marriages and the life saving vaccine Gardasil, because it might promote promiscuity, he was having sex with a married woman that was not his wife.

 Joyce should be the first one picked for the next reality TV show, "I'm A Hypocrite, Kick Me Out Of Here".

Anyone that votes for this clown should be ashamed of themselves.

George Harley 

Mount Isa