Register for power prices workshop

Coordinator of the Queensland Electricity Users Network Jennifer Brownie is strongly urging businesses and residents throughout Queensland to voice their opinion on electricity prices by registering for Queensland Competition Authority workshops.

“The Queensland Competition Authority has announced they will only hold workshops across regional Queensland if there is “sufficient interest” in electricity prices in a particular location,” Ms Brownie said.

In February the Queensland Competition Authority will release the Draft 2018-19 regulated retail electricity prices for regional Queensland with Final prices to be announced by May 31.

“The regulated retail electricity prices are the electricity prices that appear on business and household power bills throughout regional Queensland, therefore it is imperative that consumers attend QCA’s regional workshops,” she said.

A recent survey of over 700 businesses in regional Queensland found that around 70% of businesses have become less profitable as a result of higher electricity prices, yet 86% said their viability would improve if the cost of electricity was reduced.

Minister Dr Antnony Lynham stated that “public consultation is a vital part of the QCA’s process for determining retail electricity prices.”

If there is sufficient interest the Queensland Competition Authority will hold workshops in Bundaberg, Cairns, Cloncurry, Emerald, Mackay, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville, Brisbane and other locations subject to stakeholder interest.

“We encourage consumers to urgently register their interest to ensure regional workshops are not cancelled,” Ms Brownie said. To register for a QCA workshop click on:

To read the findings of the regional Queensland business survey click on:

Your help is needed to reduce power bills in 2018-19. Posting your “power bill experience” on the QEUN website will demonstrate to the Queensland Government that power bills are causing financial stress to the engine room of the Queensland economy – small business.

The Queensland Government can lower electricity prices for ALL Queensland business and residential customers if it chooses to accept lower profits from its 100% Queensland Government owned electricity assets.