Letters to the editor

QUESTION: Tony McGrady asked the committee what enforcement powers it had when it comes to dealing with the airlines.
QUESTION: Tony McGrady asked the committee what enforcement powers it had when it comes to dealing with the airlines.

Pride in the community of Mount Isa

There are times when I feel so proud of the Mount Isa community.

The Public Meeting which was held last Thursday to discuss air fares and the policies of the airline companies was one such occasion.

Initially our City was to be by-passed by the Senate Committee but thanks to the campaign launched by Danielle Slade and others this community was able to convince this Senate Committee to at least meet in a public meeting situation in our city and listen to our concerns.

The members of the public who attended the meeting were articulate, had obviously researched their questions and expressed their concerns in a calm and dignified manner about the adverse effects the policies of the airline companies are having on this community.

Our local media laid the foundations for the campaign and certainly helped to convince the Senate Committee to change their attitude and hold a meeting in our City.

I don’t suppose everything can be perfect, the performance by Bob Katter at the end of the meeting was a total embarrassment and must have demonstrated to every person in the room just how out of touch this man is and surely “ITS TIME” for him to depart the scene.

As I left the Hall people were shaking their heads in disbelief at his performance.

Other than that incident, congratulations to all the participants at the meeting you did our city proud. 

Tony McGrady,

Mount Isa

New recruits need your support

Every April we celebrate Guide Dog month, where we recognise the incredible work of Guide Dogs that change lives around the world every year.

This year we’ve already welcomed 16 new Guide Dog puppies, and with every Guide Dog costing over $50,000 we are faced with a large cost to fund these new puppies alone. 

That’s why the ongoing support of our community is so vital.

I would like to thank everyone for doing what they can to help our Guide Dogs continue changing lives. 

No matter how you choose to show your support, our dogs wouldn’t be able to do what they do without you.

Michael Kightley,

CEO Guide Dogs Queensland

Australia’s cycling spirit shines strongly

With 12 gold, three silver, and six bronze medals in track and road cycling, Australia has demonstrated its strength on the Commonwealth stage.

The team’s athletic achievements reflect personal discipline and a level of dedication that is underpinned by community support, including first-class leadership by Cycling Queensland.

Our congratulations to Queensland’s Jordan Kerby and Katrin Garfoot – Jordan for his Gold Medal in the Men’s 4000m Team Pursuit, and Katrin for her Gold Medal in the Women’s Individual Time Trial.

Jordan, 25, from Hervey Bay has progressed from being a former rugby league front-rower and multiple-time junior world champion into a dominant force in both Track and Road Cycling.

Katrin, 36, moved to the Gold Coast from Germany in 2008 and commenced competitive road cycling in 2011.

Their success and love of cycling is a great reflection on regional life in Queensland and the strong appeal of outdoor sports.

Our hope is that the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will inspire more young Queenslanders to get on their bikes with the dream of representing Australia.

We commend and celebrate all the athletes, coaches, volunteers, supporters, spectators, organisers, and officials who have helped the Australian Team to triumph.

Anne Savage, CEO, Bicycle Queensland