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Queensland farmers continue to do it tough and it's important they know they’re not facing this drought alone.
Queensland farmers continue to do it tough and it's important they know they’re not facing this drought alone.

Bob Katter a man of the media

I have been reading with interest the claim that Bob Katter is a man of the people in relation to the Banking Commission, and, fighting for the people.

This is absolutely ridiculous! 

The Banking Royal Commission was fought and progressed by Senator Barry O’Sullivan and the National Party, who through hard work and determination were able to achieve this outcome.

Bob’s ability to get media attention after the heavy lifting is done is legendary.

He has the lowest parliamentary attendance rate of any Queensland federal politician, with less than a 50 per cent rate of attending voting. 

To then have the audacity of attaching himself to the hard work of others is galling.

Nothing has ever been achieved by a “Maverick” only by a team with the numbers.

It really is time for a change.

Roslyn Kiernan, 

Charters Towers

Drought support welcomed

Queensland communities affected by drought will receive much-needed support in the form of extra federal household assistance as the climatic situation continues to become increasingly dire.

The state Liberal National Party welcomes the federal coalition government’s announcement of an additional $190 million in extra much needed funding for drought-affected farmers in Queensland and right across the country.

These extra support measures announced by Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull show that the federal coalition is not only listening, but is also willing to take action when it comes to supporting our struggling farmers and regional communities.

Queensland farmers continue to do it tough and it's important they know they’re not facing this drought alone.

It’s important that, as a community, we do everything we can to support our farming families during the time of this unforgiving drought.

This also means government getting out of the way and allowing landholders to productively manage their properties in times of drought and hardship.

Unfortunately, the Palaszczuk Government’s unfair vegetation management laws are directly affecting Queensland farmers’ ability to feed their starving livestock.

The Labor government’s new restrictions on using mulga trees to feed livestock have added extra red tape and untold stress to farmers struggling to keep what’s left of their stock alive.

The LNP is committed to building the dams and water infrastructure that would help make more regions in the state drought proof.

While Labor refuse to build the dams that will help drought proof our regions and create jobs, the LNP will raise the Burdekin Falls Dam wall, get the Urannah and Nullinga Dam projects shovel ready and finally deliver Rockwood Weir. 

Tony Perrett,

LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister

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On Rodeo’s 60th anniversary and the Hall of Fame opening

Tami Neundorf Shorter An amazing eternal tribute to the volunteers and legends of rodeo in Mount Isa ......I'd like to pay my own tribute to an old time rodeo scene legend with ties to Mount Isa ......a shy man who goes by the name of Dave Harman - winner of the 1973 All Around Cowboy at the World Championships Rodeo held in Mount Isa (you'll find his plaque outside the Isa Hotel)

I believe Dave still holds to this day the Australian Record for the 5 Go Rounds of Saddle Bronc (the winner of every round of saddle bronc at a single event) - a record broken 48 years ago in 1970