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Seven factors to consider when choosing a new dentist

Seven factors to consider when choosing a new dentist

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Proper care of your teeth, mouth, and gums is essential since lack of care can have a negative effect on your general health.

Good oral hygiene will help avoid tooth decay and stinky breath as well as help you have healthy teeth when you grow older. As a result, paying attention to your oral health is a necessity.

Picking a dentist wisely

There are a good number of dental practitioners today, and selecting the best service might be challenging.

Aside from using technology such as AirSmile and other online platforms where you can compare dentists based on price, reviews, locations, expertise, and services they offer, below are seven critical factors to help you make the best decision.

  • Excellence

There's no easier way to determine whether a dentist is successful than to read patient feedback.

You may be able to search the dentist's website for online reviews, and you'll see various comments on the services.

Check the services offered. You might want to have braces, but there aren't many clinics specialising in dental braces in your area.

Select a dentist offering all of the dental services you want as it'd be inconvenient and expensive to bounce from one clinic to another for specialist treatment.

  • Qualification and experience

Learn about the skills and expertise of prospective dentists you like. A successful dental clinic must consist of highly skilled practitioners, and you should be able to find the details on the dental clinic's website.

You'll be sure of receiving proper dental care if you work with a team of professionals because they have the requisite training and specialisation, so before you choose a clinic, remember to inquire if the practitioners are qualified and licensed to practice dentistry.

  • Dental technology

A dentist should invest in innovative technology to make the treatment process and patient experience superior.

Modern technology makes it much easier to detect dental conditions and provide care to avoid them. Check the technology that your dentist is using.

  • Location and accessibility

Another factor to consider when selecting a dentist is location as it may be best to select a one close to your area.

In case of an emergency or in case you need a fast appointment, a closer dental clinic would be better. You should also consider the dentist's working hours and whether they work with your schedule.

  • Cost

The cost varies greatly, depending on treatment needed and the dentist's professional fee. The clinic establishment can influence how much the services are as operating costs are shared with the patient.

The expense is also affected by the type of practitioner you seek, so you should check or obtain estimates before selecting a specific dental care practice.

Seven factors to consider when choosing a new dentist
  • Ability to handle emergencies

Dental emergencies may occur at any time, so ensure the dental facility has adequate measures in place to react to such situations.

Most significantly, inquire if they have the procedures needed to provide patient comfort, particularly if you or a family member suffers from dental anxiety.

Finding a resident dentist needs to be done with caution, and it can take some time to find the ideal clinic to handle your dental needs.

  • Check for professionalism and cleanliness

One of the best ways to tell a good dentist from a bad one is to look at their hygiene, sanitation, and overall professionalism. It's critical to select a dentist with whom you're at ease, so consider the following on your first visit to the office:

  • Do their premises seem to be clean and well-kept?
  • Is their equipment cleaned and sanitised before each usage?
  • Is the treatment room clean, well-lit, and organised?
  • Do dentists, hygienists, and nurses use masks and protective clothing while providing treatment?
  • Is their dental team available to respond to questions and provide additional information and advice?

If you ask, most dentists will gladly give you a brief tour of the surgery and introduce you to the members of the dentistry team, particularly if you're anxious about getting dental care.


Choosing a dentist for you and your family is an important decision and should be given the utmost care when choosing. Consider the pointers given in this article to help you navigate through this process.