Beating your stress with exercise

Stress and what exercise can do to help combat it.

Coming into the New Year we are all fresh and ready to rock our goals. Unfortunately as the year progresses these goals are the first to go out the window.

While we all cope with stress differently, some people may see an exercise routine just as another demand, when it can be a useful coping tool.

Stress has a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing.

It also has an impact on us physically too. Stress alone can increase blood pressure, break down our immune system and elevate our heartrate.

Usually while we are stressed we reach for poor food choices, use external aids eg. Alcohol and our quality of sleep go down.

So what can we do to combat this stress cycle and stay on track?

Exercise; Science will back me here, it has been proven to prevent work place burnout, it will lead you to a positive wellbeing & helps manage emotional exhaustion.

As a trainer, I see many people all with different levels of stress.

To help you get started on taking control of your stress you could start to implement these different strategies.

·         Take a yoga/Tai chi class. It improves circulation, reduces stress, increases flexibility and coordination

·         Go for a walk. Take the dog or phone a friend?

·         Hire a personal trainer, they are equipped to help overcome stress and will create a program that can take stress into consideration.

·         Join a gym. Taking group exercise can help with lowering stress levels

·         Take the kids to the park. Enjoy the fresh air and the fact that you will not be thinking about anything that could be stressful.