Highway gun-wielding cop fined

Stephen Flanagan has been fined for pulling his gun out on a driver.
Stephen Flanagan has been fined for pulling his gun out on a driver.

A Longreach senior constable has avoided a conviction but was fined over an incident captured on video in which he pulled a gun on a Mount Isa couple for allegedly speeding on the Landsborough Highway.

Senior Constable Stephen Flanagan was found guilty of assault and deprivation of liberty in a Brisbane court in December last year over an incident on the highway near Longreach in May 2015.

Magistrate Paul Kluck ordered no conviction was recorded as the 46-year-old Flanagan suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder which was undiagnosed at the time of the incident.

This month Flanagan was fined $1500 for the incident.

Mount Isa couple Lee Povey and his partner Anna Lisa Cruse were on the highway when intercepted by Flanagan.

The dash-cam video showed Flanagan swearing and blowing his horn before pulling his gun on the couple.

Flanagan was captured screaming "f***ing pull over now, c***" and drew his gun on Mr Povey as he threatened to "put a f***ing hole in you".

Flanagan assaulted Mr Povey when he held the gun to his back.

On Friday, the court heard it was not uncommon for people with post-traumatic stress disorder to be unaware they have the condition or the extremity of their reactions.

The prosecutor said Flanagan's behaviour had a "significant" impact on Mr Povey, who feared no one would take his complaint about the incident seriously.