Mystery Box rally to honour Mal Debney

PIMPED RIDE: The girls are ready to hit the road in October. Photo: Supplied
PIMPED RIDE: The girls are ready to hit the road in October. Photo: Supplied

Since its launch back in 2010, Shitbox Rally and it’s baby brother Mystery Box, have raised over $13 million for cancer research.

Rachel Wainwright, a team member for Racks from the Stack said not that long ago, while sitting around a campfire and having a couple beers with her friend Rhiannon Young, they cottoned on to the idea of Shitbox Rally.

“Just recently, we lost a bloody good bloke and close friend, Mal Debney, to cancer so with his family's blessing we wanted to give the rally a red hot go in his honour,” Ms Wainwright said.

“He was a rock solid presence to those who knew him and dependable as the day is long. I count the family he left behind as some of my nearest and dearest, and therefore he has become the inspiration behind my determination to take on this challenge.” 

“So we put our name on the waiting list in the spirit of adventure and the promise of one hell of a good road trip,” she said.

“While we were waiting for a call up for Shitbox Rally, an email arrived and somehow, this couple of chicks from the sticks made it into the Mystery Box Rally for October this year.”

The two women depart Mildura in Northwest Victoria on Saturday October 20 and return five days later.

“What happens in between is the‘mystery’ bit. The teams have no idea of where they are heading but they’re heading on a unique and fun adventure,” she said.

“Mystery Box is shorter but no less ridiculous, but in the name of a good cause – Cancer research

Follow the link to the girls official fundraising site Racks from the Stacks