Swearing mother banned from son's school

A Queensland mother has been banned from stepping foot inside her sons' school for one year after unleashing a tirade of abuse against the principal and forcing the lock-down of the main office building.

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had repeatedly made violent threats towards staff at Mirani State High School in Mackay, but her behaviour escalated on October 14, 2010.

The woman was called to the school to discuss her son's behaviour after he was accused of harassing a girl in year 8.

During the course of the woman's interview with principal Scott Cage she became increasingly aggressive.

She yelled: “I'll get that f---ing bitch," referring to the victim of her son's harassment.

After Mr Cage asked her to leave the school grounds, she yelled words to the effect, “this is not f---ing over until I say it is”.

The woman's son was suspended later that day and when she returned to the school to collect him she abused Mr Cage again, calling him a “f---ing trash mongrel dickhead” and threatening to "smash the grin" off his face.

Mr Cage ordered the school's administration area be placed in lock-down.

After the October incident, the school applied to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have the mother banned from the grounds.

The matter was heard on April 20, but the woman did not attend the hearing.

The school's deputy principal Raymond Clarke told the tribunal the woman's behaviour was the worst example of "persistent, aggressive and threatening behaviour of any parent in his experience".

Another staff member said: “[The woman] is the most aggressive and abusive person I have ever dealt with.”

In his written judgment, published yesterday, QCAT member Ron Joachim said the woman's language and behaviour warranted her being barred from the school for 12 months.

"It is not acceptable for the Principal to have to shut down part of his school because the attendance of a parent causes such distress and concern," Mr Joachim said.

"It is not appropriate behaviour for any parent to use the type of language ... within a school environment. Neither is it acceptable to have students and staff afraid for their safety.

"[The woman] has behaved in a totally disgraceful manner and must be prohibited from attending the school."

Mr Joachim said it was not appropriate for the woman to be ordered to pay the education department's legal costs, as she had not attended the hearing and declined the opportunity to dispute the allegations against her.

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