Chamber of Commerce responds to Mount Isa stores closing

Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce says it is not too concerned about the number of locally owned businesses closing in the last month.

Commerce North West's president Travis Crowther. Photo: file

Commerce North West's president Travis Crowther. Photo: file

Commerce North West president Travis Crowther said it was sad to see some stores and other businesses choosing to close, but that not all of those would be for economic reasons.

Mr Crowther said businesses needed to invest more time back into their business.

“Commerce North West run a few business courses and they are pretty poorly attended,” Mr Crowther said.

“The courses assist them in diversification, cash flow, things like that. Some are free or very low cost.

“As an owner to make that time is the hardest thing to do, but that’s where they need to work on the business not ‘in’ the business.”

Mr Crowther said taking a course may not change the end result, but at least owners would doing as much as they can to improve things.

Commerce North West is a member based organisation mostly there to assist its members, Mr Crowther said.

Most of the stores closing now are not members.