Robbie Katter to reach out to crossbench

Robbie Katter wants a strong crossbench in the new parliament.
Robbie Katter wants a strong crossbench in the new parliament.

KAP state leader and new member for Traeger Robbie Katter will reach out to crossbench members of the new parliament to offer to work in a voting bloc for the benefit of regional and rural Queenslanders.

With a possible six crossbench MPs likely to be elected from regional Queensland, Mr Katter said they had to work as a cohesive bloc to reverse the neglect of regional Queensland.

"Labor will at best hold a slim majority and based on the results they don't have a mandate to govern outside of greater Brisbane,’’ Mr Katter said.

“I'll be reaching out to all new crossbenchers in the coming days and I’ll be giving them a commitment that the KAP won’t go it alone.”

I'll be reaching out to all new crossbenchers

Robbie Katter

Mr Katter said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk needed to reach out to the expanded crossbench to establish consensus on key policy areas.

“The only way Labor can provide certainty for business investment and community confidence is with the agreement of the crossbench,” he said. “I'm sure each of the minor party members and independents will be as ruthless as we are in representing the interests of regional Queensland.”

Meanwhile defeated independent candidate for Traeger Craig Scriven has reflected on his campaign.

Independent candidate Craig Scriven.

Independent candidate Craig Scriven.

“I entered this election knowing that it would be colossal failure, or a humbling victory. It was the former that eventuated,” he said.

“I knew I could never compete with the parties on spending or cuts, but I focused on social issues at the heart of the community. Each item was from a member of the community and I believe that once they are addressed, the community will only get stronger.”

Mr Scriven said he hoped his campaign ideas would be taken up by those elected.

“If the community works together regardless of race or rank to combat youth crime, or if a mother can have a child in her home town, or if a single room is made available to a patient with a mental illness, or if another family offers to be a foster family, or if a workshop takes on an ‘at risk’ kid, or if a motor sport event is held here to capitalise on the through traffic that must travel this road, then I know that I done some good.”